Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's rock this joint!

Well this is my first post here. and this is great! I want to thank everyone who supported me since I started writing... especially those who yabbed me terribly about how I was the only writer that had no work to show for it, Ann I know you understand. Well this is a blog for all soon to be published writers.. post ur comments and be duly (or unduly) published. And watch what u send! i don't want to have a spelling glitch on my site. Well, happy posting!


Chocho said...

Well it's another hectic week, trying to start a publishing company of my own when my friend tells me he wants me to help him start up a magazine. I don't know the first thing about all this but I'm willing to learn, and study. Its not easy handling a job and private work at the same time. I sometimes fall asleep reading in the nights, and so many other things add to the stress, but that's why friends always help one out.

They tell you things aren't as bad as they seem, even when THEY are down and nearly wiped out

Chocho said...

Been a slow month, but its finally coming to an end. i wish i could just drop everything and go somewhere to be all by myself, just forget this world and live a fairytale life for at least a day. No, a month.

I wonder how it'll feel coming back to the humdrum life after utopia, I'd probably take a rope and find a tall tree.

perhaps that's why we have to live here as it is, a little good a little evil for us to strike a balance.

How do you know when you're in love? And how's Christmas going to be for you? I'd love to know.

Remi said...

Being in love is natural, it cant be controlled. But it is not a sin to be. Take things easy. Look unto God he his your strength.

Godwin said...

At the end of the day you come to agree that life is so complete.

No Stress, No Rest. No Labour, No Favour.

If you love money, you get it. By loving money I don't mean doing anything for it.

Love everything about Life. And Life in turn will find a way to reciprocate. Ha, ha, I know you do. Coz you think like me.

Anonymous said...

If you really love writing, u ought to check out Jola Naibi's blog.

She be cool.

Hope we be seeing some of ur work online.