Thursday, September 10, 2009


I happened upon this book by chance but it was one of the best chance occurrences ever. I’m not yet through with it but I’ve already decided to have a copy of my own.

The author not just teaches you to stop jobbing (he has a full chapter titled Whoever told You to Job?) and start following your calling/ dream.

My boss saw the book with me and a quick scan of the pages was enough for him to smile and ask; Are you planning to leave me? (Which reminds me of a book a former colleague is always talking about; ‘How to Sack Your Boss.’)

The book encourages you to become a self starter and a natural finisher. You learn to unlock the untapped mine of potential within you. He described dormant potential as a dormant volcano, which could stay quiet for years, but the day it decides to erupt, watch out! And that is what every individual is.

In a no-nonsense, no-big-grammar way, Delatorro challenges you to stop comparing yourself with your peers and start evaluating the distance between who you are now and who you are meant to be!

With easy language, written in a one-on-one communicative style, with quotes from prominent persons, chapter points to ponder, exercise-book spaces for you to fill as you go along, this book helps you find the calling and exploit it, thereby doing what you love and getting paid big for it.

A book worth a hundred seminars, meant to be read more than once, you’ve got to get it!

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