Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot off the Press!- Fifteen Ps for Every Minister.

This is one book I was privileged to read before it went to print. Hot of the press; Fifteen Ps, written by Ehis Agboga, is not just a book for ministers, but a must-read for anyone interested in a closer walk with and work for Jesus.

Written in a contemporary easy-to-read style, the book teaches fifteen pertinent principles any believer needs to survive in these last days. With the airwaves rife with stories of climate change, natural disasters and weird signs in the sky, one sometimes needs to remind oneself that this is not another sci-fi movie but real life. The end has not been scripted by man but by God. Therefore, to end well, one needs to play by His rules.

The book isn't on Armageddon (that's just me) but focuses on things a believer needs to be conscious of so that when the Lord comes, He will be able to find faith on the earth.

The book made its debut 22nd of March 2010 on the Wipf and Stock Publisher's website where you can get more details and order copies for you and your friends (and enemies too!).

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