Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daylight Saving- How to survive when African Man time hits

Yesterday, I had an epic day. I had my plans laid out the night before, but when my friend Pamela called with a proposal, I decided to sign up for the adventure, so I pushed up all my plans to attend a talk show. The venue was legit and of a good reputation, so it was an incentive to go and see how the big boys kick it. Added to that were other mini incentives (lunch, transport, and audience allowance) so we thought, ‘hey, let’s have fun and get paid doing it.’

I was one of the first to arrive, then Pamela joined me, and the wait began. Unknown to us, they were just setting up the stage, in fact, they began after I got there, so there I was hopeful, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Till I could wait no more. But I did learn a few things from that day.

1.       Never invite friends to a program you know nothing about. The only other friend I invited who came griped and griped about me making her leave her house when she had manga cartoons to watch (all I had done was tell her about the show, she told me she was coming out of curiosity, that doesn’t sound like I put a gun to her head, does it?).
2.       Many people are desperate for jobs, don’t say people don’t look for work in Nigeria, it’s not true. With all the stress, people still waited until 6pm, from 11am in the morning! They were mostly models, makeup artistes, those interested in production and entertainment, like my friend and I; we both want to have our own talk shows. They were of all ages, from 20s to 40s. I think there were some late 50s there even. Mothers with children of marriageable ages. (a lady was talking about her 2 kids getting married soon, and one let us look at some of her children’s pictures too).
3.       Always be open to making friends wherever you go. Talking to people expands your knowledge base. and helps you make contacts that can be beneficial to you in the future.
4.       Get an ipad, a galaxy tab, a mobile device, anything to beat being stranded somewhere with nothing to do. Listening to music or playing games on your phone help, but not in a constructive way. Taking pictures and creating stories or write-ups on your head, on paper or on a word format are more creative things to do. 

Well, that’s a lot of lessons for one day, I never got to be in the show, but I met people, made friends, and got a story out of it. Here’s to cheating the devil out of the joy of wasting my day, cheers!
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