Monday, March 4, 2013

As we prepare for Easter Camp Meeting 2013: Remembering 2008

I have attended the Easter Camp meeting organised by the House of Grace Church for 5 years now. The program has never failed to recharge and put me back on track, because by March/April, I have probably started seeing my yearly targets as too large or too unattainable. But after camp meetings, I’m uplifted in spirit and ready for anything! Best of all, the meeting make me remember Christ’s death and resurrection.

Camp meeting has been held at ASCON Badagry for the past 5 years, and this year all roads still lead that way come March 28. And by God’s grace, I’ll be making that trip. This reminds me of my first camp meeting trip in 2008. The Meeting was tagged SHINE! I took the bus from the church premises on Thursday, and camped out with my cousins till Saturday when I had to leave for some weekend lectures I was taking for a professional course. I enjoyed the family atmosphere, hanging out with my six cousins, scrambling for the bathroom, rushing to get to the camp ground on time, groaning when it was time for 6am prayers, enjoying the open air evening services. 

I missed the last two days of the programme, but when I took my Saturday bus out of Badagry, I took with me notes on why and how I could let my light shine from the Host Pastors, branch pastors, and guest ministers, and they helped me through a tough year, changing jobs and passing my exams. And best of all, a strong confidence in the knowledge that Jesus truly did die that I might live an abundant life.

This year, I’m so looking forward to making Great Impact!  #GI13

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Tessa Doghor said...

I remember the bathroom traffic
I can remember Pastor Paul Enenche teaching that something should shine out of you when you go to a place, people should be able to trace God in you long before you speak, I thought about it a lot...
It was a great camp meeting.