Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Releasing Creative Tension by Unleashing your Talents

Oatmeal Cookies

I realised I bake quite a bit, ever since a friend of mine gave me an electric mini bake oven. I’ve scoured recipes that do not need a mixer (don’t have one) or elaborate ‘leave three days to rise’ techniques. So I have made banana bread, banana cake, and today, I made cookies. 

What I realised is that I decided to make cookies after hours of browsing on my pc and wondering what on earth I was going to write about for my weekly article submission at the various website I contribute to. Frowning at the pc, I realised what I really wanted to do, bake something!

So I searched out an oatmeal cookie recipe and whipped up a batch of cookies. Most looked and tasted okay- this being my first attempt at making them. But as I worked I realised why I bake, to re-channel my creativity! Months ago, I was reading a writer’s blog (Holly Lisle), and she wrote about how she had knit a cat with wool and created a wire frame for it. The entire chat and the comments that followed after centred on the need for creative people to have an alternative creative outlet for their abilities.

Perhaps you are multi-talented, the advice given by most coaches is that you seek out the one talent that will bring you the most profit and channel it. But after you do that what happens to the others? Maintain them, keep at them, and when your song writing skill is on the blink, or you are experiencing dancers block, or whatever they call it, don’t panic. Turn your attention t an alternative talent and work it for a bit. By the time you are through letting off some creative steam, you’ll find yourself more ready to focus on your money spinner. Works for me any time. Now I’m munching on cookies and finishing this article, and I’m ready to write even more!

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